Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting, which is a technology that allows marketers to place an anonymous JavaScript code to follow their audience online, is beneficial for marketers since it can increase conversion rates, improve ROI, and precisely target an audience at a reduced cost per impression.   But how does it actually work?

First, someone visits your site but leaves without completing your desired action (purchase, signup to your email list, etc.  Later, while on any device on their favorite social media site or other website, such as Facebook or Google they get targeted with your ad.  Their interest is recaptured, and they return to your site to complete your desired action.

Bring people back to your website by serving personalized ads across devices, the web, and social media. VRG Web Design makes sure you don’t miss out on customers or overpay for ad space.

Grow your email list and increase conversions. With personalized pop-ups, collect info from quality site visitors and nudge them down the funnel.   First, trigger pop-ups as unique visitors leave your site, scroll down a page, or stay on your site for a set period of time.  Next, we gather information (names, company addresses, emails, etc.) that visitors enter in response to a personalized call to action. You can also customize the pop-up to lead them to conversion.  Then we use the collected information for new or existing retargeting and email campaigns.


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