Reputation Repair

repair your reputation onlineThe one thing that can kill your business faster than anything else is a bad review on the Internet, or worse a report on high profile sites like, or Yelp.  VRG provides a service where we use our extensive knowledge of organic search engine optimization to create new pages that will rank higher when someone searches your name and at the same time demotes the sites that are tarnishing your reputation.

VRG also works to help you enhance your digital footprint in the social media realm to create or enhance your name as an authority in your industry.  This strategy works not only to combat any negativity against your name, but also serves to bolster the positive content through tried and true “white hat” SEO techniques.

In addition to working to repair your online reputation, if someone has placed a false or misleading statement online, we also work with the website provider to have the false and misleading content removed through our legal team.

Enhancing your reputation is more then just showing up in listings.  Where more then 9 in 10 consumers trust online feedback just as much as personal recommendations reviews are key in capturing high-intent customer.  But, there is a catch – to maximize the full value of reviews in organic search, businesses now need to generate their own reviews, in addition to managing ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other third party sites.  VRG will help you generate authentic reviews directly from your customer, enhance customer relationships and gain valuable insights that help you and your clients all learn, improve and win.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers are spending more and more time researching online before making spending decisions and overwhelmingly they are relying on the word of real-life customers in the form of online reviews, testimonials and social media commentary to form an opinion about your business.

The need for positive reviews has become a business must-have and companies must now manage how they are perceived online if they want to stay competitive. According to Yext and Cone Inc., 87% of consumers said a favorable review has confirmed their decision to go through with a purchase. When dealing with your entire customer base, trying to gather positive reviews can seem time consuming if not flat out overwhelming, but you just need to find ways to automate the feedback and review process as much as possible.


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