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About VRG Web Design

Creative web design, social media and an online marketing solutions provider

VRG is committed to delivering the complete online solution. We develop high-quality multimedia applications for the web and mobile. Whether you are enhancing your existing web site, creating an online business venture, or providing a mobile or web application, VRG through our graphic design, application coding services, and search engine optimization (SEO), offers you the most effective tools and resources to ensure a creative and functional online presence at a cost that allows you a great return on your investment.

VRG knows that web sites are often designed for the computer savvy. We stress functionality and simplicity to create user-friendly sites that are easy to navigate and cater to your specific target market. For an example of or work, view our portfolio of past and present clients.

The first step in the creative process is identifying and understanding your needs. We build each web site or mobile application to reflect the quality of your company and its ideas. VRG thoroughly plan each project and closely communicates with you during each stage of the design, development and marketing process.

One of the keys to a great website is to develop responsive web designs so that your site will look great on a computer, laptop, tablet, and phone. This is one of the newest things search engines are using to help determine the order of search results, such as the design below.

Our Awards

2001 MIMIC for the travel and tourism industry

Boston Subway map

Our Standards

Responsive Design

Ensure all sites render properly for the screen of the user whether it be computer, tablet or phone.

Call to Action

All of our websites have a contact form on all pages so that a customer never loses a chance to interact with the business.

High Def photography and image captions

image captions are a great place to add a bit more style to your website or to give some unique insight into the subject of the image. Whether the captions are for photos on a news website or design samples in a portfolio, they present an opportunity for reinforcing the overall look of the website. When done properly, they can even add more visual interest and become a distinguishing trademark of a particular brand or website.

Why Choose Us


Web Design

We offer both semi-custom and fully custom web site design to provide your business with a unique branding opportunity. Your website is often the first time a potential customer sees your business and their attention span often is very short, so your design must pop right away. The best part is the cost for a customized website which is optimized for search engines can cost you under $2,995.


App Development

We build custom web and mobile applications that are highly innovative and are first to market. We know how to complete mobile app projects on time and on budget for tablets, iPhones and androids for a reasonable price.


Database programming

Our PHP Developers create applications and websites that manage the interchange of data between the server and the users. We create the logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the web design users see.


Search Engine Optimization

As a Massachusetts search engine optimization company, we provide the performance you need without overpriced charges. We assist small and mid-sized companies enhance their rankings for local search and for major geocentric keyword terms on search engines and promote their social media campaigns. These optimization techniques and value-added content developments result in a high ranking, useful web sites and web apps that generate revenue.

Our Staff


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